What are Projects?

There are many references to the word "Project(s)" throughout The Grow Room including licensing itself. So what exactly is a Project? In simple words, a Project is any group of plants that are simultaneously going through the same life cycle in the same location and generally the same strain. Examples are:

  • Group of plants transitioning through the normal life cycle (i.e. seed/clone to growth to flowering to harvest)

  • Mother plant or group of mother plants kept in a continuous growth cycle

The Grow Room manages plants by "Project(s)" and is license limited by how many Project licenses you purchase. 1 Project license creates 1 Project slot in The Grow Room. It is highly recommended that you purchase more Project licenses then your current grow setup in order to retain a couple past Projects inside The Grow Room at all times. A Project must be opened in The Grow Room to perform any analysis on it. If your license is limited and you absolutely need to have an archived Project in The Grow Room, you can do so by temporarily removing one of your current Projects to free up a Project slot. Once removed you can then move an archived Project into that free Project slot. As you can see, if you need to do this often it will quickly become time consuming which is why we highly recommend purchasing a few additional Project licenses to cover this situation. Then you can have all current Projects as well as some past Projects all contained simultaneously in The Grow Room. This allows easy analysis of past Projects with current Projects providing valuable data that results in improved & consistent future grows.

Is there a limit to how many plants you can have in 1 Project?

The answer to this is both Yes and No since it depends on your setup, usage and expectations. Basically if you're not using Sensors and/or Controls, plant count would only be limited by computer memory and Project management expectations (meaning if you plan to do cross Project analysis, breaking down your plants into smaller Groups/Projects may be the only way to accomplish this without confusing results). If you're using Sensors and/or Controls then see below for maximums per Project. The maximums can cover quite a large area but eventually an area will become too great to manage with 1 Project. This of course is the big indicator that this many plants (or area) should be broken up into sub groups with each group being contained in it's own Project.

Note: If you find you need more Project licenses then you currently have, it is very easy to add more to your licensed computer. The purchasing interface will pro-rate your current license configuration (including the amount of time left) and deduct it from the new configuration total so that you're only paying for what you're adding.

Project Maximums

Count Device
10 Digital Temperature Sensors
5 Humidity/Temperature Sensors
2 pH Sensors
2 TDS/eC Sensors
1 CO2 Sensor
16 Soil Moisture Sensors
1 Barometric (Air) Pressure Sensor
1 Infrared Temperature Sensor
1 Flame Sensor
3 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors
2 Light Intensity (LUX) Sensors
1 Light Color Spectrum Sensor
5 Threshold/Switch Sensors (sensors that have only 2 values, Yes/No, On/Off)
2 Water Flow Meters (determine actual water flow volume per minute)
12 Current Sensors (amount of electricity being used)
32 Controlled Relays/Switches/Outlets
8 Motors
5 Servos

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