The Grow Room comes in a Standard, Professional and Commercial version. These versions differ by the maximum number of simultaneously loaded projects that can be managed and the features within The Grow Room itself. If you simultaneously manage more than 15 projects at a time or grow for commercial, resale, profit, etc. reasons it requires the ´Commercial´ version. The ´Professional´ and ´Standard´ versions are for small setups that are for personal use or for caretaker purposes only. The ´Professional´ version has a 15 simultaneous project limit. The ´Standard´ version has a 5 simultaneous project limit. You must purchase project licenses for each simultaneous project you plan to manage.

A project is any plant or group of plants that you want to track together. For example, if you want to maintain a mother plant and transition everything else through cloning, growth and flowering using 3 separate rooms, this would be 4 simultaneous projects and would therefore require a minimum of a 4 project license. A project follows it's plant group throughout the life of the plants and is archived once that group has been completed. Archiving a project, then removing/deleting it frees up a slot to create a new project, or open a previously archived project. The more project licenses purchased, the more projects that can be simultaneously managed or researched and the less the price per project license it is. Make sure to purchase sufficient project licenses to hold all of your current projects in the The Grow Room simultaneously plus a few additional (for historical comparison purposes).

Read more about the differences between the Standard, Professional and Commercial versions here

Version Product Use Starting Price
Commercial Commercial; Resale $100.00
Professional Personal or Caretaker $80.00
Standard Personal or Caretaker $50.00
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