Version Differences

The Grow Room is available in Standard, Professional and Commercial versions. The Standard version is for the normal user that grows just for themselves or as a caretaker and is ok with only basic features. The Professional version is for the advanced user that grows just for themselves or as a caretaker, but wants to make use of features like Sensor support (for automated monitoring and logging of environmental conditions). The Commercial version is for any user that is growing for the purpose of distribution or for the user wanting to maximize their grow system with features like environmental control based on sensor input and custom logic rules.

Features by Version

Feature Standard Professional Commercial
Project License Limit 5 15 250
Daily Information Tracking
Graphing (Show Single Condition)
Project Summation View
Plant Doctor
Grow Conditions Checkup
Lights Calculator
Optimal Flower Time Calculator
CO2 Calculator
Air Flow Calculator
Electricity Costs Analysis
Reservoir Size Calculator
Sensor Support
Project's Details View
Graphing (Show Multiple Conditions)
Log Sensor Data (to the Minute)
Export Project File Data
Controls (Switched Outlets, Motors, Servos - Coming Soon)
Project's List View
Starting Price




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